The art of Durian


You’re in for a treat. These little bite-sized balls of goodness pack a punch with the fleshy texture and bittersweet taste of the Musang King durian, encapsulated by a layer of soft, bouncy sweet rice dough.

Premium Mochi Set

Delicate Delightful Delish

A heavenly combination of our premium-grade Musang King durian filling, wrapped with the most luscious layer of crepe with the softest texture. Experience the rich, distinctive flavour bursting in your mouth from your first bite to the last.

Premium Durian Crepe


Elevate your taste buds with an upgraded traditional favourite with a contemporary touch. Best served cold, the delectable snowskin and generous filling of fresh, flavourful Musang King durian is sure to give you a tantalizing experience as it melts in your mouth.

Premium Durian Cake